How to Nail Your Coding Interviews with a Step-by-Step System

Coding Interview Mastery
  • Solve ANY interview problem
  • ​Make consistent progress on the RIGHT things
  • ​Never have your mind go blank in an interview
  • ​Interview with confidence
  • ​Land your DREAM job
What is it?

Coding Interview Mastery is an in-depth online training program with video lessons, daily exercises, and weekly Group Coaching sessions with an experienced coach. The course shows you how to effectively prepare for coding interviews at top companies.
Who is it for?

Coding Interview Mastery is for software engineers who already have the technical skills but are having trouble translating those to interview success. The program is structured so that busy SWEs can fit it into their schedule without having to grind hours every day.
Where does it happen?

Coding Interview Mastery is online and consists of video lessons, PDF workbooks, Group Coaching sessions, and a Facebook community. We recommend 8-12 weeks to complete the course but you can take it at your own pace.
How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the exercises, and use the resources provided. If you ever get stuck or want help, you can ask questions in the Facebook group or on the Group Coaching sessions.
When does it start?

Because Coding Interview Mastery is a self-paced course, it starts as soon as you enroll. You can work through it at your own pace but we recommend following the recommended 8-12 weeks to get the most out of the material. You have lifetime access to the course and can go back and review as much as you like.
Why does it exist?

We created Coding Interview Mastery because after spending months grinding Leetcode to prepare for interviews, we realized there must be a better way. This program provides a SYSTEMATIC approach to interview prep so that you can focus on the right things.

Here's how it works

Succeeding at coding interviews is NOT about grinding problem after problem. It's about developing a repeatable system to solve any interview problem, under pressure, regardless of whether you've seen it before.

Proven Process

We've taken the guesswork out of interview prep to give you a strategic, step-by-step approach. After testing this approach with hundreds of students, we know that it gets results.


Most people spend months grinding for one interview only to forget it all and start again next time around. We show you how to develop simple habits that make interview prep stick for a lifetime.

Everything You Need

Coding Interview Mastery is designed to be comprehensive. When you sign up, you get everything you need to nail your interviews in one place.

Expert Mentorship

Sometimes you're just stuck on something and you need help. That's why you get access to our student community and weekly Q&A calls to make sure that you always get all your questions answered.

Watch the free training to see exactly how Coding Interview Mastery can work for you just like it has for hundreds of students.

Coding Interview Mastery program content

In just 8-12 weeks, we'll help you take your interviewing to a whole new level. Here's how:
Table of Contents:

Plus get all these bonuses:

Coding Interview Mastery: System Design

Master System Design interviews with this bonus course that shows you exactly how to solve any problem in your system design interviews.

Coding Interview Mastery: Recursion and DP

Master recursion and dynamic programming so that you are sure to nail even the hardest interview problems.

Data Structures & Algorithms Primer

DS&Algos are the foundation to all coding interviews. Learn how to effectively use these tools with detailed step-by-step exercises.

50+ Interview Questions

We've included more than 50 interview problems with video solutions. We are always adding more so that you have plenty to practice for your interview.

5 Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect. That's why each of our students gets 5 mock interviews with a professional software engineer via

Fearless Salary Negotiation Crash Course

Once you've done the hard part and landed a job offer, you want to make it count! In this crash course, learn exactly how to negotiate the best salary you can.
Coding Interview Mastery students have landed jobs at all these companies:
FAANG Companies
I got my FAANG job at the beginning of 2021
I got my offer from 
Facebook London
I got offers from FB, Pinterest, Workday, Microsoft
I will join Apple once I receive the offer letter
Microsoft: Selected
I got an offer from Amazon
I got an offer from Apple a couple weeks ago
I got an offer from Amazon and Microsoft
I have cleared the first two interviews at Meta
I've got two informal offers from Microsoft
I just passed the Google 
phone screen
I passed the Google 
hiring committee
I got an offer from Amazon
It's now with the Google
hiring committee
I received final offers from Oracle, Microsoft, and two other startups. I also cleared rounds at Dropbox, Apple, Salesforce, Twitch, Amazon, Twitter, and a few other companies.
I have received a full time offer from Microsoft

And lots of other top companies...

I cracked the Adobe interview
Moved from Microsoft
to Snapchat
I just landed my first huge Machine Learning Engineer job
Passed my 3 hour 
virtual onsite
I got two offers, one from FIS Global and one from Dormakaba
I just recently landed a job with another company
I passed the round I did on Monday with a Bay Area company
I have software engineering job offers from Tesla and Egnyte
I have accepted an 
offer at Yahoo
I got an offer from 
JP Morgan and Chase
I did accept the offer from The Washington Post
So far I got one offer, two final interviews this week
I passed a second round interview with a global name platform this week
Today I received an offer from Bloomberg!
I just got an offer from Oracle
Just imagine, in 8-12 weeks, this could be you!

Check out the free training and see if Coding Interview Mastery is right for you.
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